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Most Underrated Weapons in Elden Ring

Most Underrated Weapons in Elden Ring

Aside from the obvious and fan-favorite picks like the Greatsword and Rivers of Blood, there are a multitude of impressive armaments which most players simply ignore. So here are our picks for the most underrated weapons in Elden Ring.

This list is ranked in no particular order.

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The Dismounter

Let’s start the list off with a brilliant Curved Greatsword. The Dismounter is wielded by the Kaiden Mercenaries all around Limgrave. You can easily obtain a drop by killing the Kaiden Sellswords.

Besides looking insanely cool, the Dismounter is one of the longest-reaching curved greatswords in the game. This may be less impressive than the other curved greatswords but the impressive base damage and range might be worthwhile.

The Dismounter

Twinned Knight Swords

This awesome Twinblade attacks insanely fast (Two-handed) and the Charged attack unleashes a combo of spinning slashes and cuts. What’s special about this weapon is that it Scales better with Strength than other Twinblades. This weapon is excellent against Slow and big foes. Imbue it with Poison or Bleed to overwhelm the enemy with heavy continuous damage.

Twinned Knight Swords

Banished Knights Greatsword

This sword is dropped by the Banished Knights when killed and it’s one of the best-looking swords in the game, with intricate engravings and beautifully sharpened steel.

The speciality of the Banished Knight’s Greatsword is its Two-handed moveset. It’s a faster and more fluid moveset that looks extremely cool. It also offers the best base damage out of all the Greatswords in the game.

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Banished Knights Greatsword


This Axe delivers crushing blows that will knock most enemies down, allowing for more attacks. Use the Roar abilities and matching Talismans, and you’ll be an unstoppable warrior like Lord Godfrey. The charged heavy attack is especially impressive. It’s the perfect weapon to cosplay as a Viking.

Greataxe Elden Ring

Lion Greatbow

The huge greatbow wielded by the Red Lion General, Starscourge Radahn himself, this ranged armament can fire extremely powerful unique arrows known as Radahn’s Spears. You might remember this weapon from the boss fight against Radahn because it was with this bow that Radahn launched arrows that seemed like literal missiles at you. The bow truly suits a renowned warrior like Radahn and if you’re worthy enough, you too. The detailing and looks of this greatbow really stand out from the others.


This Katana can be obtained by progressing Yura’s questline. What’s special about this Katana is its impressive length. The weapon attacks quite fast for its length and it builds up Bleed. Imbue this with Poison and you’ll be able to deliver both Bleed and Poison damage.

Nagakiba katana

Commander’s Standard

You can get the Commander’s Standard after defeating Commander O’Neil in Caelid. If you wield this weapon with a Shield, you can attack with the brilliant Guard Counter. It is a fast thrust that will surely catch your foes by surprise.

Commander's Standard

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