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Most Unrealistic Things in Games

These are some of the most unrealistic things in games. Keep in mind that these features or mechanics are not meant to be criticized in this article. If a game is too realistic, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable. There has to be a degree of impracticality in many games to make them fun experiences. So, the entries on this list may be stuff that you like or dislike, but we aren’t here to judge.

Fast Traveling

Most Unrealistic Things in Games

Let’s start the list with something that’s very common in modern games. This is also something that we almost cannot do without. There have been reviews and player responses that criticized games without fast travel (for example, Dragon’s Dogma). Fast traveling makes it very easy for us to travel to a place we’ve already discovered. This is mostly unrealistic because it’s simply impossible for you to teleport to someplace… But some games implement this common and loved mechanic in a way that’s very immersive and realistic.

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Take Red Dead Redemption 2, for example. This revolutionary open-world masterpiece allows you to fast travel in a cool way. Firstly, you have to make a campsite somewhere and then select the city you want to travel to. Then instead of simply giving you a loading screen and teleporting you to the desired location, a beautiful cutscene plays. The music changes and your character will actually ride to the destination on the horse. In this cutscene, you’ll see the weather and the time of day change. It’s a great way for a game to make an already existing and popular mechanic even better.

The ability to wield very heavy weapons

Most Unrealistic Things in Games

This is an instance of an extremely fun mechanic that’s very impractical and unrealistic. In games like Just Cause and Grand Theft Auto, you can literally pick up a huge minigun and use it on the run. One of these monstrous miniguns weighs nearly 40kg in real life. While some people may be actually able to lift and wield one, controlling the recoil and keeping the aim steady is nigh impossible. But it’s one of the coolest mechanics ever in gaming.


This is a very obvious entry for a list like this. I’m sure that you’ve heard that suppressors in games aren’t very realistic. Basically, even with a suppressor, a gun will actually have a significant amount of noise. In reality, a silencer only suppresses the sound to a certain degree so distant enemies aren’t able to hear. But in many stealth games, enemies won’t sense it if you fired a shot at their buddies while remaining just behind them. Still, a game’s stealth becomes easier and user-friendly when the gun doesn’t make much noise. In some regards, it’s a good implementation even if it is unrealistic.


You’ve seen this and used this in many platformers and hack ‘n slash games. It’s when your character is able to jump a second time, mid-air. This is simply impossible by the laws of physics because… I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. Also, we could probably devote this entire article to ways that Super Mario games are unrealistic, but where’s the fun in that?

Turn-based combat

Turn-based combat is when you select a character, select a move for them to execute and hit your enemy with it. The thing is, the enemy waits patiently while you do all these things. That’s unrealistic, right? In reality, a fight is chaotic, unfair, and violent. People won’t wait their turn. But turn-based combat can be fun, at times. Yakuza: Like A Dragon had good turn-based combat, but it is really unrealistic.

Magic Mushrooms

Sorry, fellas, but mushrooms do not turn you into a giant plumber that can destroy everything in your path – something like King Kong or Godzilla. Admittedly, that would be pretty awesome. Alas, it is not a thing except in video games. There are mushrooms that can make you think that you are doing that, although we wouldn’t recommend it.

What do you think are some of the most unrealistic things in games? Let us know!