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MotionSports Ships for Kinect on Xbox 360

Today, Ubisoft announced that MotionSports is available in stores exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360, no controller required. Developed by Ubisoft Milan, MotionSports is an exclusive sports title that brings players unparalleled immersion, as movements they make in real-time are accurately represented by realistic athletes in authentic sports settings.

In MotionSports, players can play solo or challenge friends in one of six different sports including football, soccer, skiing, boxing, hang gliding and horseback riding. MotionSports has more than 40 sports challenges, including challenges designed specifically for multiplayer use. Two players can simultaneously go head to head in a game-winning penalty kick, or race down snow-covered slopes using a split screen; up to four players can show off their quarterback throwing talents in turn-based competitions.

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