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Moto Roader MC

You’re forgiven if you haven’t heard of Moto Roader MC.

First released in 1992, this retro racer is getting a second life on modern consoles thirty years after its original launch. As they are wont to do, Ratalaika Games has resurrected this long-dormant game from the dustbin of gaming history.

There are a few different game modes to choose from here. The main game mode is Race. These are basically a series of races. They include Circuit, City, Nature, Marchen, Special, and Shuffle. All of them have a number of different race tracks that vary from simple ovals to more elaborate tracks.

The game takes place from a top-down bird’s eye view. So you’re controlling your vehicle like you would an RC car. It has a very arcadey feel to it. Although it looks simple, it’s not. That’s mostly due to controls that are quite annoying at times but also ridiculously difficult AI.

You can fire what looks like missiles at your rivals who are ahead of you or dump a bomb from the rear end of your car for foes who are behind you. These only cause them to spin out for a couple of seconds. They recover way too quickly if you ask me, which adds to the frustration that you are likely to find.

The good thing here is that you can play with up to three friends locally (four on the Switch). So that should level things out since you’ll all struggle. Of course, you can also race against the aforementioned AI.

Omake is a two-player multiplayer mode that plays a lot like a two-dimensional Rocket League. The goal here is to – well, score a goal. You drive around in your tiny car and try to knock a ball into a goal. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! It’s actually quite difficult. Again, you can thank the controls.


Moto Roader MC is worth picking up if you’re looking for a cheap and casual racing game to play with friends. I don’t recommend it for solo play since the computer players are annoyingly good and there aren’t difficulty settings.

Game Freaks 365 received a review copy.