Murder Mystery Machine is coming to PC and consoles in August

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Murder Mystery Machine

Murder Mystery Machine is coming digitally to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch next month.

Murder Mystery Machine, a detective story based on riddles, will be released digitally on consoles and PCs. The players join the District Crime Agency and assist a couple of investigators with a series of complicated and interrelated cases.

During Gamescom, participants will be able to enjoy the event virtually and interactively as part of the Indie Arena Booth Online. Murder Mystery Machine will have its own digital booth, complete with posters and an arcade where visitors may play the game’s demo.

Put yourself in the shoes of a detective

Through a tough tale centered on crime and politics, players are required to investigate various crime sites alongside jaded veteran detective Nate Houston and young rookie Cassandra Clarke.

You’ll need to use your analytical and deduction abilities to gather clues, question suspects, and investigate crime scenes as they try to untangle the strands of this massive linked crime that began with the murder of a politician.

“We’re very excited to have Murder Mystery Machine showcased at this event which coincides with the launch of the game on PC and consoles,” said Justin Alae-Carew, Co-Head of Blazing Griffin Games. “It is also a great opportunity for those attending the event to experience the game in a uniquely engaging and interactive way,” he added.

Release date

Murder Mystery Machine is already available on Apple Arcade. It is coming to Xbox One, PC, PlayStation  4, and Nintendo Switch on August 25.

Watch the Murder Mystery Machine trailer down below!