Music Racer Ultimate
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Music Racer: Ultimate is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles next month

Music Racer Ultimate

Follow the race course to the rhythm of the best synthwave.

Indie publisher Sometimes You is getting ready to release a new arcade driving game that is a bit unusual. Music Racer: Ultimate is a dynamic music-based racing game in which you may customize your driving style as well as your rhythm.

This fast rhythm game is the sequel to the famous game, which has previously been launched on Steam and is enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. You may race around futuristic and neon circuits in Music Racer: Ultimate, synchronizing your engine to the beat of the music.

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A fun but engaging game of racing and music

The circuits are constructed in real-time, which means that the compositions picked affect the tempo and mood of each race. Each track has its own set of challenges and rewards. We’ll feature 25 distinct customizable vehicles to race on a variety of racing circuits, including a number of well-known pop culture vehicles.

Music Racer Ultimate

The ability to have your own in-game music is an added bonus in this Ultimate edition. A WebDAV server, which can be set up from a PC or smartphone, is used in order to do this.

Music Racer: Ultimate launches on March 4 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Watch the game trailer down below!