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MySims Review

Developer: Electronic Arts Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: September 18, 2007 Also On: DS and Wii

MySims for the Nintendo DS and Wii are coming out on September 18. I got to play both of these for about an hour and I have to say that it feels a lot like Animal Crossing. The good news is it’s like Animal Crossing. And the bad news is – it’s like Animal Crossing. I can see how quickly a 19 year old male will lose interest. But for kids, females and non-gaming minded adults, this seems like the perfect game.

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You start off in a town where your goal is to attract tourists in order for them to eventually become new residents. You do this by performing favors and whatnot for the people already there. As you should expect from a Sims game, you can fully customize your character’s hair, eyes, glasses, clothing, smile and so on. A random generator can lead to some good laughs as the characters look mighty ridiculous.

The cool thing about MySims is that you can buy and make furniture, create your own designs and customize everything from the color of your wallpaper to the sound of your little Simian. The Nintendo DS version has ten mini-games with racquetball, skydiving and casino to name a few. The Wii version has fishing and a treasure-hunting type game. They all are rather simplistic with an even simpler look to them.

MySims is an interesting take on The Sims world. It definitely feels like a child’s take on the whole Sim universe, but it is accessible enough to where some adults may finding it entertaining as well. I personally like the idea of what they have going here, I am just not sure if it is a deep enough game. As I said, if you liked Animal Crossing, you might as well say this is a must-have for you. There’s plenty of tree cutting, planting, watering, fishing, designing and home decorating for you to do.

Written by Kyle