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Myspace Game Freaks 365 Fan Group

Game Freaks 365, home to fair independent reviews of PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSP reviews, among other systems, now has its own Myspace group. Game Freaks 365 Fans was created specifically to attract fans of this site and help them spread the word. Now that we’ve entered our third year, it’s time to make a real difference in the industry. We can only do that by numbers. As our fanbase grows, our influence in the industry grows. Game Freaks 365 speaks for you, not publishers, not the ESA and not for our shareholders (because we don’t have any). The best way to make an impact in the direction of the industry is to support Game Freaks 365, because we’re looking out for you. Join Game Freaks 365 Fans on Myspace today to help spread the word!