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Myst is coming to Oculus Quest in December


Ever since its release in 1993, Myst has popped up on new platforms. The PC adventure game landed on Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Atari Jaguar CD, and more recently on Android and iOS. Now it’s getting the VR treatment.

According to VR Focus, the game is “reimagined specifically for VR.” Here are some more details of what you can expect:

Taking some of you back to that famously mysterious island whilst for others it’ll be the first time, this new version of Myst will feature new art, sound and updated accessibility options to make it comfortable to all. If you do happen to be a Myst veteran then the puzzle randomization option should come in use to mix things up.

Myst still retains its original narrative, where you’re transported to the island by a special book, and that there are four other worlds to explore, known as Ages.

This is the latest game to get reimagined for Oculus Quest. Bloober Team and Lionsgate recently announced Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition, a brand-new version with 360-degree immersion.

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As for Myst, you can expect it to come out on December 10 for Oculus Quest.