Mythical Games announces new partners for blockchain-based marketplace


Mythical Games plans to bring play-to-earn economics to games with three key developers.

This week, Mythical Games revealed its first developer partners for its new Mythical platform. This innovative platform provides developers and businesses with a mechanism for creating or integrating playable blockchain-based economies into games, allowing players, content producers, and brands to gain a new degree of ownership of digital goods.

Mythical seeks to improve the play-to-earn games market.

As we have highlighted in earlier postings such as Axie Infinity and MetalCore, play-to-earn games and NFT games are gaining enormous popularity. It’s a result of the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s culture.

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As a result of these collaborations, Mythical will contribute to the development of three new play-to-earn projects for its platform: an action strategy game from creative development studio Abstraction Games, a racing game from independent developer and publisher Creative Mobile (best known for Nitro Nation), and a trading card game based on a beloved franchise.

Security is the key

Games built with the Mythical Platform increase the monetary and time-based value of a player’s efforts, or the rarity of their collection, by allowing them to sell their in-game items to other players for real money in safe and secure transactions with proof of authenticity on the Mythical Marketplace.

The Mythical Platform, built on a private EVM-compatible sidechain, protects beginning blockchain users with a custodial wallet while allowing experienced users to link their own wallets via bridges between the Mythical Chain and public blockchains like Ethereum.

The Mythical Platform can be integrated into pre-existing game economies or designed from the ground up to manage digital asset trades, payments, users, and blockchain inventory management, allowing buyers and sellers of digital assets to transact confidently in an environment founded on transparency, security, trust, and value. Mythical’s Marketplace integrates seamlessly with game inventories and includes fraud prevention, fee optimization, buyer and seller price suggestions, fiat currency and crypto exchange, and more.

“We built the Mythical Platform as former game developers ourselves, offering blockchain technology, game services and built-in compliance as well as production support and go-to-market consulting for partners who want to introduce play-to-earn economies into their games,” said John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games.

“We are still in the first inning of this new shift in gaming and the conventional best practices of how to utilize blockchain innovations in the context of design, go-to-market, and game operations are still being founded in real-time. Mythical has been at the forefront of driving these concepts in games and we believe they will increasingly unlock new material value in our industry. We’re excited to bring these first partners to this new world of scarcity-driven game design and economics and look forward to their player communities unlocking real value within their games,” he added.

Mythical Games claims that developers may improve engagement and unleash new business models by letting gamers, esports teams, influencers, sponsors, and content producers to become stakeholders in their favorite games when utilizing the Mythical Platform to install its patented blockchain technology and playable NFTs.

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