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Nacon is publishing the skateboarding sim Session

Session screenshot

Nacon announced this morning that they are publishing Session, a new skateboarding sim game.

The game is currently available in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. It is receiving “Very Positive” user reviews on Steam. Here is a description of the game from Nacon:

Session is an authentic and realistic simulation for skateboarding fans. It is currently being developed by the Montreal studio Creature, founded by Marc-André Houde and Vincent Da Silva, two video-game veterans and experienced skateboarders. The game is available in early access on Steam (PC) and on Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S consoles in Game Preview version. It is already being widely hailed by players for its quality and realism and looks set to become the new reference for the genre.

The world of Session celebrates the golden age of skateboarding and faithfully presents the creativity, culture and madcap nature of the sport as it grew in popularity during the 90s. With realistic physics, the game provides innovative never-before-seen skateboarding gameplay: the True Stance Stick, where each foot is managed independently using the two controller sticks. The learning curve is as demanding as in real life: players first have to practice to learn to control the board and perform all the different stunts included in the game, from the most basic to the most complex. The game has an integrated video editor, so players can immortalize their greatest successes.

Nacon says that more information, including a release date, “will be provided at a later date.”

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Watch a trailer for the game below!