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Nacon Rig Pro Compact Wired Controller with Dolby Atmos Review

Nacon Rig Pro Compact Wired Controller with Dolby Atmos Review

The new Nacon Rig Pro Compact is an officially licensed wired controller for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

As the name suggests, the Rig Pro Compact comes with a slimmer design than Microsoft’s official Xbox wireless controller. The size and shape are somewhat similar to the PS4’s DualShock 4, although the analog stick placement is more like what you’d expect from Xbox with an asymmetrical design.

The Good

Arguably the best thing about the Rig Pro Compact is the price for the quality of the product. It retails for $49.99 at Walmart and GameStop. It’s not currently available at Amazon.

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Unlike many other third-party controllers, this is solidly built. It’s also comfortable in the hands, although personally, I prefer the grip of Microsoft’s official Xbox controller. The buttons do not feel cheap either.

The other two main selling points are button customization and the included Dolby Atmos support. A dedicated app lets you map buttons as well as set thumbstick sensitivity, rumble sensitivity, and trigger dead zones. The main drawback is that it limits you to preset profiles.

Meanwhile, audiophiles will be pleased to hear that the controller supports Dolby Atmos. All you have to do is plug in 3.5mm headphones and download the Dolby Atmos app to enjoy 3D audio. It pairs well with the Rig 500 Pro HX.

A few other things that I like: the nearly 9.8-foot cable is a good length. Plus, the cord is made of what feels like durable nylon. It’s USB, so you can easily connect it to a PC. The wired nature of the controller also means that it is lag-free. This is a great option for anyone looking to play competitively. As an added bonus, you can ditch the batteries.

The Bad

The button placement is a bit odd. The thumbsticks and face buttons are fine, but the Menu button and View button are too high. I would have preferred them to be closer to the center – to the left and right of the Xbox button. The View button in particular is difficult to press since it is located so close to the left thumbstick.

The thumbsticks are a little too smooth for my liking as well. Your thumb has a tendency to slide rather than grip the thumbstick. I’m also not a huge fan of the shape of the controller compared to Microsoft’s official Xbox controller, although this is called the Pro Compact. So it is as advertised.


ColorBlack or white
CompatabilityPC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Headphone frequency00 Hz-10 kHz
SoftwareDedicated Pro Compact App
Headset jack3.5mm
Joystick positionAsymmetrical
Headphone driver40mm
Profiles1 x custom mode and 1 x classic mode
Programmable ButtonsYes
Cable length9.8 feet / 3 meters


The Rig Pro Compact is great for anyone looking for a smaller Xbox controller option with customizable buttons, Dolby Atmos, and a lag-free wired connection. It does have a few drawbacks – namely a couple of misplaced buttons – but it is overall a surprisingly solid product for a budget price.

Game Freaks 365 received a review unit.