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Namco Museum DS Ships with Pac-Man Vs.

Namco Bandai announced today that Namco Museum DS has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Delivering unprecedented gaming value to the Nintendo DS, Namco Museum DS lets players enjoy eight all-time video game classics, including the standout Nintendo GameCube title Pac-Man Vs., with updated dual-screen presentation, full wireless multiplayer support and game sharing capabilities at a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Compiling over 25 years of video game history on one game card, Namco Museum DS provides players with the definitive experience for all of their favorite games. In addition to pixel-perfect translations of all eight included titles, the game also lets players experience new dual-screen presentation for additional gameplay flexibility and fun unlockable content such as sound tests and original arcade cabinet artwork. Players are encouraged to pass the fun along to their friends and family by wirelessly sending demo versions of each game, and can even go head to head in multiplayer action via a local wireless connection.

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