NASCAR Heat 4 launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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The latest game in the NASCAR Heat franchise, NASCAR Heat 4, is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Fans who pre-ordered or purchase the NASCAR Heat 4 Gold Edition have early access to the game starting today. The Gold Edition also comes with a Season Pass. The Standard Edition will be available nationwide on Friday, September 13.

NASCAR Heat 4 delivers improved gameplay mechanics, audio and visual enhancements, and an expanded career mode. The gameplay features an all-new handling and tire wear model, multi-groove racing, and upgrades to the AI system to more closely mimic racing conditions.

Additional enhancements include new engine audio that is sourced from authentic stock car recordings and visual upgrades to all 38 tracks, including enhanced lighting, the addition of motion blur, and day-to-night transitions.

The new game also features upgrades to career mode with the option to start in any of the four series included in the game. Players also have the ability to participate in the Xtreme Dirt Tour and join the Smoke Racing team, led by dirt racing enthusiast and cover star Tony Stewart.

If you’re fine playing the Standard Edition of the game, Amazon has it discounted right now for $41.88 on PS4 and Xbox One.