Uncharted 4
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Naughty Dog is ‘done’ with Uncharted

It looks like Naughty Dog is moving on from its Uncharted franchise, although other developers may pick it up.

In addition to comments about The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann took the opportunity to drop another bombshell! That’s right! For some time now, among the press and Uncharted fans, we have been wondering whether or not the story would have a return. After the disappointment of the movie, the recurring question of the Uncharted sequel has been called into question.

Uncharted 4

Druckmann, in explaining the situation about TLOU Part 3, made some comments that answer this big question. “For us, Uncharted was insanely successful – Uncharted 4 was one of our best-selling games – and we’re able to put our final brushstroke on that story and say that we’re done. We’re moving on.”

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Still, it’s not all bad news, folks! A big buzz after seeing Visual Arts PlayStation’s studio’s open job positions on different job sites and on LinkedIn. In a LinkedIn post by Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty (Naughty Dog and Sony recruiter), she shared that she was “scouting for talent at every level” and that it was “special being able to be building future teams for not only new titles but for the legacy of Uncharted.”

Also, it is known that Visual Arts are working on their projects with the help of Naughty Dog. So, we may see the return of Nathan or the Uncharted story in a kind of reboot made by Visual Arts. Likewise, Naughty Dog’s incredible Uncharted phase has come to an end.

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