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Nazi Busters, a crazy mix between Wolfenstein and Duke’s crude humor, was announced today

Nazi Busters

Your goal in Nazi Busters is as straightforward as a Luger’s barrel: kill as many Nazis as humanly possible.

Nazi Busters, a new game from Iron Wolf Studio, was announced today. The game is a first-person shooter that depicts an alternate scenario of WW2 in a vintage aesthetic.

Get fun killing some Nazis.

Nazi Busters is a heinous mash-up of Duke‘s off-color humor and Wolfenstein‘s unrelenting over-the-top brutality. Nazi hordes are literally dying to be shot by your powerful MG42 or burnt to death by the Flamethrower. Your arsenal would be incomplete without numerous Nazi experimental weapons known as Wunderwaffe.

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In Iron Wolf Studio’s latest release, your aim is simple: kill as many Nazis as possible, discover their incredible scientific miracles, and change the course of history.

Experience highly styled images in a vintage look evocative of Wolfenstein 3D while listening to a hefty dose of brash comedy reminiscent of Duke Nukem for the first time. Put yourself in the shoes of a Rambo-like figure and have some fun in this Iron Wolf Studio over-experiment.

It is planned that a Nazi Busters beta will take place in 2021, although neither the specific date nor the platform on which it will take place has been confirmed, but we anticipate that it will take place through Steam on PC.

Watch Nazi Busters’ announcement trailer here on Game Freaks 365.