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Neat Microphones King Bee II XLR is now available

King Bee II XLR

The all-new King Bee II XLR microphone from Neat Microphones has arrived in the United States.

That’s right! Neat Microphones announced today that, per user requests, the King Bee II XLR microphone is now available in U.S. stores. Neat Microphones is a subsidiary of Turtle Beach.

A leap in quality

The Neat Microphones team’s creativity has resulted in King Bee II, which joins a long series of award-winning microphones that have altered the way professional producers capture their voice, music, and more.

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King Bee II from Neat Microphones provides great adaptability and incredible sound quality regardless of the sort of material you’re wanting to generate. With King Bee II, vocals, percussion, electric guitar, piano, and acoustic instruments shine, and spoken word applications, such as voice-overs, podcasting, and streaming content, may be captured with crystal-clear clarity and depth.

What you hear on the output is what King Bee II hears on the input, thanks to the bespoke discrete Class A circuitry, powerful design, and huge 34mm precise condenser microphone capsule with gold filter.

“King Bee II is the new king in our product range, and I’m thrilled to hear what the world’s leading artists and creators produce with it once they add it into their studios and audio setups,” said Skipper Wise, Founder of Neat Microphones and Vice President at Turtle Beach.

“Our passion is to create microphones at a level of quality and performance for today’s professional vocalists, musicians and creators, and for a price that no one can match, and the King Bee II is exactly that,” he added.

If you want to get your hands on a King Bee II analog XLR microphone, you can buy it at Amazon.