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Need for Speed Underground 2 remake in Unreal Engine 5 looks fantastic

Need for Speed Underground 2 remake in Unreal Engine 5 looks fantastic

Nostalgia hits hard with this spectacular remake that you are sure to love.

The Need for Speed franchise is not at its peak form. Even after the release of Need for Speed Unbound, this has been more than demonstrated. Therefore, many players prefer to visit older releases of the series rather than play the recent NFS titles. One of these titles is Need for Speed Underground 2. Now there’s a fan-made Need for Speed Underground 2 remake.

This 2003 title still has a large number of players who, through mods, bring this almost 20-year-old title into the current era. But, we have discovered not a mod but a fan-made remake in Unreal Engine 5 of Need for Speed Underground 2 that will undoubtedly blow your mind. Best of all? It is 100% playable!

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A fan has done what EA didn’t

We have brought you a series of “remakes” in Unreal Engine 5 of classic games that look incredible.  One of the most recent ones to be playable is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s a remake that gave us a very different perspective of this classic Nintendo 64 game.

Need for Speed Underground 2 remake

When looking for a remake or remaster of a game, the aim is to improve all aspects of the game while keeping those original elements that provide the essence of the game. That is why the work that Ivan Novozhilov has been doing is remarkable, as he achieves this to near perfection.

Novozhilov has been working on a remake of Need for Speed Underground 2 for more than a year. At first, he was doing it in Unreal Engine 4. After the power offered by Unreal Engine 5, he decided to move all the development to this engine.

The result is a mind-blowing experience that will hit all of your nostalgia impulses. Surprisingly, this fan-made remake offers the essence of Need for Speed to the max. It is something that fans have been asking for a long time, but that Electronic Arts itself has not been able to offer.

A real Need for Speed Underground 2 remake

The version of the remake that Novozhilov made in Unreal Engine 4 presented very important changes in most of the aspects of the game – from the gameplay to the modeling, to the graphics. Undoubtedly, a remake is enjoyable in every way.

Need for Speed Underground 2 remake

Still, the amateur developer of the Need for Speed Underground 2 remake was not entirely happy. Therefore, he took the decision to take advantage of all the performance that Epic’s new game engine could offer. Unreal Engine 5 has allowed Novozhilov to significantly improve performance, as well as to have a more stable physics system. What has surprised us is that this physics system allows a more predictable and real simulation, but without losing that arcade style that we love so much.

It is not yet known whether this remake will be released in the near future or not. Need for Speed Underground 2 is basically considered abandonware at this point. Novozhilov should have no problem releasing the remake for free, but you never know with giant publishers like EA.

Still, we look forward to the release of this remake as the developer has promised many more improvements such as an improved collision system, new gameplay cameras (on-board camera), and many more. In the meantime, we are left to enjoy an incredible presentation trailer of this remake.

Watch the fan-made Need for Speed Underground 2 remake in action down below!