Neptunia Virtual Stars heading West on PS4 in 2021

Neptunia Virtual Stars

The music-based hack ‘n slash game Neptunia Virtual Stars will arrive on PlayStation 4 in 2021.

Here’s more on the game’s story from publisher Idea Factory:

In a dimension called Virtualand, the virtual planets that exist within it contain an extraordinary ability to produce a commodity known as content. Of these celestial bodies is a tranquil planet known as EMO. This was the latest target of a nefarious group whose sole purpose is to destroy content created by virtual planets… Anti. Their decimation of EMO has left its citizens hopeless.

Just then, VTubers, popular live-streamers from Earth, were suddenly transported to Virtualand. Because VTubers possess an affinity for creating good content, they were obvious targets for Anti, who quickly captured them and turned them into data pockets known as V Cubes.

All right then! Anyway, the single-player game will have both English and Japanese voiceover options. It will have both a physical and digital launch.

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