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Netflix’s live-action Resident Evil TV series teased in new trailer

Resident Evil TV Series

A little over a month before its release, we can see that the creepy essence of Resident Evil is not lost in the new Netflix TV show.

The competition from streaming platforms has grown exponentially in recent months. Despite the Halo series on Paramount+, among other video game-related series on other platforms, the forerunner of video game adaptations has always been Netflix. The Cuphead Show, The Witcher, Arcane, and more have been the most recent adaptations made by Netflix.

But if there is one adaptation that video game fans have been waiting for, it is undoubtedly Resident Evil.  This adaptation, which has been in the works for a long time, we have been able to see it today through a short trailer. It’s a trailer that in addition to giving us a small view to the series leaves us the release date.

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One of the most awaited video game adaptations is coming soon

The live-action Resident Evil TV series on Netflix will set its plot in two timelines. The first of these lines takes place in 2022; we are taken to New Raccoon City. The city has just opened a facility of the Umbrella Corporation, which have raised a great controversy.

After this, we will have a time jump where we will be shown an apocalyptic future. In this apocalyptic future of 2036, which has been the result of the T-virus, we will see humanity reduced by a third. This small population that remains on the planet must be in charge of defending the survivors of the monsters created by the virus created by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella.

Resident Evil TV Series

Both timelines will intersect in the overall narrative of the series. So we must be attentive to every detail to not get lost between these time jumps in history. But, it will be easy to follow the story as we follow in the footsteps of the Wesker sisters. Daughters of the well-known Albert Wesker, iconic character of the Resident Evil games.

If you are one of those fans of video games, you can clearly expect small winks to the games. To see more about the series, we won’t have to wait much longer, as the Resident Evil TV series will hit the Netflix platform on July 14. Let’s hope Netflix surprises us once again (for the better), and delivers a series that lives up to the video games.

Watch the Resident Evil TV series trailer below!