New 12 minutes of bone-chilling gameplay of Layers of Fear

Bloober Team releases a new creepy demo walkthrough that few gamers will be able to see in full

Horror games are all the rage folks. This is a reality and every time we see more and more titles in the industry that bet on this genre. But, for some time now, we have been following the next project of the Polish studio Bloober Team. A project that from the beginning promises a lot of thanks to the level of detail that can offer Unreal Engine 5.

And, today, Bloober Team has confirmed this after a demo walkthrough of Layers of Fear. A pure and hard horror game that in this demo walkthrough has managed to make the hair on the back of many players’ necks stand on end.

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Horror Reimagined

Bloober Team is already a veteran in horror games. This Polish studio knows very well what to do in order to terrify its players. And that is why it is the development studio behind the remake of Silent Hill 2. But, we cannot forget that behind this development, they have another important project: Layers of Fear.

This new project, here at Game Freaks 365, has been in our sights for a long time. Layers of Fear, according to the development team, will completely reimagine the horror genre. The aim of the game is that at every moment you are in constant suffering and with a lot of tension. But, beyond the screenshots or dev talks, there is nothing like seeing a playable proof of this.

Therefore, from Bloober Team, they have released a demo walkthrough of almost 12 minutes where we can see what Layers of Fear offers us. Gameplay of the game where we can not only see the performance and level of detail offered by the Unreal Engine 5. Also, we can appreciate that the development team has taken seriously the “Horror Reimagined” slogan of the game.

Check out the Layers of Fear demo walkthrough below!