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New action-packed Resident Evil 3 trailer features Nemesis

Today, Capcom released a new cinematic trailer for Resident Evil 3 that reveals more of the action-packed drama in the game, featuring closer looks at additional key characters.

Check out the trailer below!

Here are additional details on the trailer from Capcom:

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Jill Valentine is the central “S.T.A.R.” of Resident Evil 3, but she’s not alone as Raccoon City’s final chapter unfolds. The survival horror game also features a colorful cast of friends, foes and bloodthirsty adversaries amidst a city ravaged by the devastating effects of the T-virus. Jill’s unofficial partner Carlos Oliveira (depending on who you ask), the rest of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) platoon, the Hunter enemy, and the game’s unstoppable Nemesis, all have major parts to play.

Fans got just a quick glimpse of Nemesis swathed in a wall of fire when Resident Evil 3 was announced in December. Umbrella’s unrelenting bioweapon hunts Jill with an arsenal of heavy-duty weapons, including an enormous flame thrower and a laser-guided rocket launcher that leave little hope for escape. Jill tries multiple times to destroy Nemesis, but thanks to its highly regenerative capabilities, it keeps coming back stronger than before.

While Jill is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, looking out for her six is Carlos Oliveira, a U.B.C.S. member experienced with guerilla warfare, proficient with various weapons and trained to fly small aircraft. His team arrived in Raccoon City expecting an easy evacuation mission but were quickly overwhelmed. As Carlos organizes their extraction, his courage and sense of justice compel him to go beyond his orders to uncover the truth about Umbrella Corp.’s devious actions. The latest assets depict Carlos’ harrowing ordeal in Raccoon City, including moments where players take control of the character throughout Resident Evil 3.

The remake of Resident Evil 3 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 3. In addition to the standard edition, there’s also a Collector’s Edition with a replica of Jill.