New details of God of War Ragnarök are here

God of War Ragnarök

The first official trailer for God of War Ragnarok was definitely one of the greatest hits we saw last week, and we now have more information on the game’s gameplay.

Last week announce by Santa Monica Studios was incredible because the next Kratos adventure promises to be one of the largest games that will be added to the PS4 and PS5 catalogs in the future, thus a few fresh information about what we can expect from this edition have emerged.

Along with a well-crafted plot, action is a key component of God of War‘s gameplay. With the technical improvements of this current generation of consoles, the studio can afford to create further this area so that it can enrich the gameplay even more in this new iteration.

A max improvement in Ragnarök.

Eric Williams, the game’s new director, who succeeds the well-known Cory Barlog, who is occupied with other projects in the business, told IGN in an exclusive interview that Ragnarök would develop this element in numerous ways.

In this regard, the team’s goal is to provide more diversity to the user by allowing them to go further in terms of equipment and weaponry. Kratos will be accompanied by Atreus during each encounter, and they will be even better suited with new strikes and combinations to deal with the adversaries.

The AI of the opponents, on the other hand, has been adjusted to adapt with these new developments, making the game tough even for God of War fans who have been playing since the original iconic PlayStation 2 release.

Weapons, fights and verticality.

The chaos blades will be one of our powerful protagonist’s most lethal weapons, allowing him to utilize them as a hook to ascend through the scenarios. This has prompted Williams to confirm that the locations would have increased verticality as a result of this capability, which will undoubtedly remind gamers of the earlier editions, but also suggests that the opponents will take advantage of it.

Kratos and Atreus will have to contend with the cold of Fimbulwinter for the occasion. In fact, as we saw in the preview the other day, the cold temperatures have caused several regions to totally ice, particularly Midgard, but it will also have an impact on each of the nine kingdoms.

The title’s director has stated that the Fimbulwinter will affect all of them differently, and that the reason Midgard is more frozen than the others is because it is the epicenter of the cataclysm, but he has been enthusiastic to point out that it has been a great thing to make all of the scenarios look new.

All of this and more will be revealed next year, when God of War Ragnarök is launched on PlayStation 5.

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