New Diablo III Trailer Showcases Monk Class

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Blizzard launched a new trailer for Diablo III today, showcasing the Monk character class featured in the game.

Here is an official description of the Monk class:

“Skilled monks deliver rapid-fire attacks unarmed or with a variety of well-balanced weapons. In combat, they emphasize high maneuverability over staying power, darting in and out of melees and avoiding protracted slugfests.

“Monks’ attacks are primarily melee-focused. They can eliminate single foes with extreme damage, or deliver short-range area-of-effect assaults with waves of elemental power that emanate from palm strikes or crescent kicks.”

Check out the trailer below:

Blizzard also recently confirmed that the Diablo III beta will end on May 1, just two weeks before the official launch on May 15. Are you picking up Diablo III? Let us know what you think in the comments section.