New Doom collectible figures are available now at Just Geek

Baron of the Hell Archvile

Baron of Hell and Archville are the newest additions to the Doom collection at Just Geek.

Just Geek is on a roll with the amount of video game and franchise merchandise it is adding to its website, such as the Fallen Baby plush or the Eris Morn figure from Destiny 2, but the king within the web has always been and will always be Doom.

Due to the popularity of Doom collections, Just Geek has announced the release of a new range figure of Baron of Hell and Archville. This collection of legally licensed figurines is based on the collectible in-game toys from Doom Eternal. It is a wonderful collector’s item for all of the hardest of hardcore fans of the franchise.

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If you want the Baron of Hell figure, the Archvile figure, or any of the other eight available figures, they are available on the Just Geek Doom collection merchandise page.

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