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New DS Game Has You Going to Sushi Academy

Do you have what it takes to become a sushi master? Fans of cooking games and food lovers everywhere can find out as City Interactive today announced Sushi Academy for Nintendo DS. The first-ever video game dedicated entirely to sushi, Sushi Academy reveals the art of preparing traditional Japanese sushi via a series of fun, interactive challenges that ultimately lead to becoming a video game Sushi Master. Sushi Academy is scheduled to ship to retailers nationwide in October for $19.99.

“Sushi is one of the most popular foods in the U.S., and we are pleased to introduce the first game dedicated to this culinary art form,” said Lisa Rivera, vice president of Sales for City Interactive. “Foodies and casual gamers will both enjoy mastering the diverse challenges of the game, while also learning about the history and etiquette behind the preparation.”

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Featuring over 35 unique sushi dishes to discover and perfect, Sushi Academy puts players on the clock as they attempt to prepare and serve the perfect plate. Those who are successful in preparing the dishes are awarded medals for their achievements and are allowed to take the exam to become a Sushi Master. Adding to the fun is a “Sushipedia” which provides the history behind the cultural cuisine as well as the proper etiquette and more.