New EA app to replace Origin on Windows PC

New EA app to replace Origin on Windows PC

Electronic Arts is rolling out its new EA app.

For over a decade, video game giant Electronic Arts has pushed its own online game platform even as PC gamers preferred Steam. However, we just got word that Origin is sunsetting soon. The new EA app will replace Origin.

“We set out to build EA’s next-generation PC game platform – a faster, more reliable, and more streamlined gaming experience – the best possible place for you to experience EA’s incredible games, services and content,” the company said.

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The new EA app is officially now in open beta. Electronic Arts says that it is their “fastest and lightest PC client to date.” Features include automatic game downloads and background updates.

EA app friends list import

Origin players will receive an invitation to transition to the new app in the near future. The publisher says that the transition should prove smooth: “by the time you receive your invite, all your games and content, including games previously installed, will be ready and waiting for you on the EA app.”

In addition, EA says that the app will allow you to move both your local and cloud saves from Origin as well as your friends list. Speaking of friends lists, the app allows you to connect your EA account with other platforms, including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

According to EA, MacOS users will continue to use Origin for Mac. So no changes are needed if you play on Mac.