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New N-Gage No-Show; Smartphones to Play Games

Nokia, whose defiance in the handheld market is unprecedented, will not release a new N-Gage afterall. Instead, the company plans on expanding its base of consumers by offering N-Gage software on existing cellphone platforms.

Starting this fall, the company will begin offering N-gage functionality in a wide variety of its smart phone products. Nokia did not announce which models it planned to upgrade. No price information was given, nor a more specific time frame than by year’s end.

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“For us, this takes care of a lot of the strategic reasons we’ve been pushing on games to begin with,” said Gerard Weiner, general manager of Nokia’s games business program. “We’re targeting many devices. The increase in computer power, the increase in processing power and the increase in graphics power has allowed us to roll this out a little earlier than scheduled.”