New Paladins: gen-LOCK update is available today

Paladins gen:LOCK update

The gen:LOCK Update is the biggest Paladins update ever, bringing Rooster Teeth animated series characters to life in the game’s first-ever crossover.

Hi-Rez Studios is celebrating the milestone of reaching 50 million registered Paladins players with a crossover with gen:LOCK, a TV show that airs on HBO Max, as well as the addition of a new character, Rei, to bring the total number of playable characters to 50.

Play now as Chase or with 4 more characters available from gen:LOCK

The gen:LOCK Crossover Pass grants access to five Champion skins featuring the series’ stars: Chase, Valentina, Cammie, Yaz, and Kazu. Each comes with a new Voice Pack. Simply playing Paladins allows players to go through the gen:LOCK Crossover Pass. Chase is one of the free prizes, whereas Cammie is accessible immediately after purchasing the Pass.

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Even better, as part of this year’s Steam Publisher Weekend, all Hi-Rez titles will be highlighted. With this timely promotion, players can get a head start on the ‘gen: LOCK Crossover Pass’ by receiving a Publisher Weekend Bundle for free if they join into Paladins through Steam between tomorrow, July 22, and July 25.

Rei, the Peppy Bunny Support

Rei Paladins

Joining Paladins today, the game’ 50th Champion Rei is making her debut just as the game reaches the 50 million players mark. Rei is a cheerful support who has learnt to channel magical energy with her bare hands. Her greatest abilities, however, lay in rescuing a single comrade in jeopardy.

When Rei left the Burrows, her search led her to become friends with Lian, the Scion of House Aico. Rei rose swiftly in the aristocratic house’s ranks as the top Scholar, attempting to harness magical powers. Her story had just begun.

Bounty Store

The Bounty Store is an in-game shop where players may exchange Bounty Coins for rotating skins available in limited quantities — three skins are now available at the same time, up from one.

Last year, the community reacted well to the initial incarnation of this rotating in-game shop that used free cash. Evil Mojo quickly decided to work on a more polished version, and the Bounty Store is now back with an all-new appearance, upgrades, and new features.

The Paladins gen:LOCK update is available now for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC (Steam & Epic), and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the Paladins gen:LOCK update trailer here on GameFreaks 365


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