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New Prey Patch 1.1

I received a short e-mail from 2K Games today informing me of a patch for the PC version of Prey (Xbox 360 version unaffected). “As Prey continues to garner rave reviews, we’ve continued to enhance the online experience for the PC version of the game with Prey Patch 1.1, which will be available for download Wednesday, August 30 beginning at Noon eastern time. Among the latest improvements are multiplayer bandwidth optimization to allow better play on higher latency connections, a slew of updates to the multiplayer browser and the fixing of some components to improve stability on certain systems.

Please note that unpatched players will not be able to see patched servers and vice versa in the browser list. The game will notify you of any available updates upon entering the MultiPrey menu or by clicking on the Update button on the main menu, and provide you with information on how to update. We recommend that users patch their games in advance of multiplayer sessions in order to quickly join and create MultiPrey games with their friends.”

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