New STALKER 2 screenshots show off amazing graphics, minimalist UI

Finally, we have seen some key new elements such as the UI.

In the survival horror genre, there are few games that have made a name for themselves in history. One of these, without a doubt, is STALKER. With an idea way ahead of its time, this game was born to be a great of the genre. And, for reasons beyond the control of the development studio GSC Game World, STALKER 2 was delayed.

New STALKER 2 screenshots emerge with amazing graphics, minimalist UI

But, after a long wait, the Ukrainian studio has finally made a statement before the launch. Following a note in Wired, they shared some screenshots of the game that revealed many more elements of the game. With this, and the trailer made in December last year, they confirm that they are set to release the game in 2023.

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Great graphics despite all of the problems

GSC Game World is one of those developers that has great weight in the industry. Even so, they have always gone unnoticed by the media. But, after all the mess that has arisen with the release of STALKER 2, the developer has been affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Even though this is the reason for the various delays in the game, this has not stopped GSC Game World. The development studio has been working hard to improve the game during this time. And, surprisingly for many, the results are showing. We can see in the screenshots that the game has made a very important graphical leap. We can even classify it as one of the most impressive exponents in the graphic section.

The world, despite being based on a post-apocalyptic era in Chernobyl, is very rich in detail. Looking at the ruined world, we can get an idea of how alive each of the game’s scenarios was. Also, in these screenshots, we can appreciate how neat the game’s UI is, achieving a perfect harmony between the aesthetics of the game and the interface.

New STALKER 2 screenshots emerge with amazing graphics, minimalist UI

All this has been achieved because a large part of the staff of the studio has been mobilized to other countries. Thanks to this, the development has been able to continue in spite of the war. Therefore, GSC Game World is focused on launching STALKER 2 in 2023. And although many things may still play against them, with the studio’s Ukrainian passion they plan to achieve their goal.