New Xbox 360 Whisper Quiet? Not Quite.

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Engadget has a nice piece on the hardware for the new Xbox 360. They took visual comparisons and noted that the new Xbox 360 is actually about a half inch deeper than the old system. Although it is shorter, Microsoft clearly needed to move some parts around to make it all work properly. The PS3 Slim and new Xbox 360 are roughly the same size, with the PS3 Slim slightly shorter when the two are put on their side.

More newsworthy, though, was the fact that Microsoft claimed the system would be “whisper quiet”. That’s actually not true as both the old and new systems register at 60 decibels. However, the new Xbox 360 is noticeably less annoying on the ears as it does not have the humming and almost engine-like revving that accompanied a disc being loaded on the old Xbox 360.