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New Xbox Series X and S models planned for 2024

As the days go by, this week is getting more and more interesting. In the wake of the FTC’s case against Microsoft, we’ve started to see a lot of confidential information that we wouldn’t normally see. And The Elder Scrolls VI leak was just the tip of the iceberg!

New documents have surfaced confirming that Xbox is indeed working on revisions to the Xbox Series X|S, just like PlayStation is doing with the PS5. In addition, a new base controller for Xbox consoles with new technologies and a rechargeable battery has leaked, taking everyone by surprise.

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A refresh of the Xbox Series S


Let’s start from the smallest to the biggest. Thanks to the document presented to the FTC by Xbox with the title “Roadmap to 2030”, we have been able to know new consoles and projects of the company. As we know, Xbox loves to call its projects by names as interesting as when they will actually be announced. And the new revision of the Xbox S series is called Ellewood.

Ellewood will once again represent the best value in next-gen gaming. It will outdo itself to once again take the throne from the rumored PlayStation 5 slim. This refresh will offer more storage, Wi-Fi 6E, lower power consumption, new ports adapted to current technology, and Bluetooth 5.2 for compatibility with all audio and input accessories.

A great set of changes that will arrive once again for the minimum price of $299! It’s a crazy revision compared to the recent Xbox Series S 1TB, which costs $349. To top it off, it would deliver much more performance than the current Xbox Series S. Undoubtedly a revision that would shut the mouths of many who say that the Xbox Series S slows the development of current generation games.

A new, much more immersive controller


Another highlight was the announcement of a new basic Xbox controller. As you may already know, the current Xbox controller that comes with the console lacks certain technologies compared to its direct competitor: the DualSense controller. However, in the document presented by Xbox, there will also be Sebile! A new controller that, according to Xbox, will present the most immersive experience in controllers so far.

The list of changes that this new controller, called Sebile, will present is so extensive that if we wrote them all down, you would be reading this article until tomorrow. However, what will interest users the most is that this controller will now feature Xbox Wireless 2, Bluetooth 5.2, Precision haptic feedback, new speakers that will take over the function of VCA haptics, quieter buttons, and so on.

In addition, Lift to Wake will be introduced. A new mechanism that will now allow both the controller and the console to be suspended when not in use. When we lift the controller to play, both the controller and the console are activated in unison.

However, what has really raised expectations among users are the rechargeable and replaceable batteries that these new controllers will have. They will be charged via a Type-C cable, but the document does not mention autonomy. This controller will be coming with both refreshes from the Xbox Series X|S.

Today’s highlight: The revision of the Xbox Series X


Yes friends, as you can read and see in the image above! The Brooklin project arrives, a revision of the Xbox X series that can promise a lot! Brooklin presents the 4K gameplay of this generation that we are used to with many positive changes!

The console will have 2TB of storage, a new cylindrical design that fits perfectly (and reminds us of the 2019 Mac Pro), Wi-Fi 6E, a new PSY that will consume less power, Bluetooth 5.2, a new IO, and the new Sebile controller. This new Xbox Series X plans to hit the table and more knowing the price it will have: the same great price of $ 499.

However, this new revision brings something that might cause some displeasure among Xbox fans: no disk tray. On the one hand, this will surely put off many gamers who might have thought about buying the revision. Still, Xbox is doing a great job of offering users a great digital platform to get the games, but they are expanding their digital backward compatibility catalog.

But beyond that, which is not a serious problem for playing video games today, this new revision is amazing. But like the Elder Scrolls VI exclusivity leak, this could be just the tip of the iceberg. We may see more leaked documents in the coming days. It should be noted that this is the roadmap out to 2030. So it could be a long time before we get all these new devices and consoles.