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New York Police: Boycott True Crime

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, and the city’s largest police union, is calling for a boycott of Activision’s True Crime: New York City, reported the New York Daily News. “It’s an outrage,” Kelly said. “I think it disrespects all police officers and it’s done in extremely poor taste as well. It’s totally inappropriate. It’s a tough job, a dangerous job, and this undermines what police officers try to do. I’m saddened that even some former members of the department are linked to that video game.”

Retired NYPD Detective Bill Clark, technical adviser for the television show NYPD Blue, helped create the game from Activision, which is due this November on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. “It’s a game, not a training video for the NYPD,” Clark said in a telephone interview with the New York Daily News. Clark said police union officials should spend more time working on “getting cops more than a $25,000 starting salary.â€?

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