NFS Most Wanted Music

Electronic Arts today revealed an in-game soundtrack that will get gamers’ hearts thumping as they race their way to the top of the Blacklist to become the most notorious street racer in Need for Speed Most Wanted (Nintendo GameCube, PS2, Xbox, etc.). In addition to hot tracks from T.I. Presents The PC, Jamiroquai, and Disturbed, composer Paul Linford will bring a Hollywood-caliber score to the game. Linford has composed music for such popular films as Bad Boys II, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Coach Carter, Enemy of the State and Con Air among other blockbusters.

Unlike most racing games, the score in Need for Speed Most Wanted is fully interactive. Custom-designed to adapt to the players’ every move, the music highlights the intensity of the chase, telling you when you’re about to get away… or about to get busted. “Need for Speed Most Wanted blends an original score with licensed tracks to deliver a truly customized soundtrack that perfectly complements the in-game action at every turn,â€? said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Music Marketing at EA.

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