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NHL 21 launches today

NHL 21

EA Sports’ latest hockey game, NHL 21, is out today on PS4 and Xbox One.

According to EA Sports, the Be A Pro mode is “much bigger” than in past games. Players can live the life of an NHL superstar both on and off the ice in this mode.

“Just like in the NHL, players will need to react and rise to the occasion through real-time game events, and impress coaches, GMs, teammates, and the public with hundreds of conversations that can lead to thousands of different outcomes. Through each new season, a narrative will emerge for the Pro to follow – or to rewrite – all revolving around key moments: NHL Draft, NHL Awards, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and more, presented in exciting broadcast-style updates throughout their career,” EA says.

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There’s also a new mode this year. NHL 21 includes HUT Rush. The mode has a unique scoring system. Here are some more details on what you can expect in HUT Rush mode:

How players score determines their points multiplier – the prettier the play, the bigger the bonus. Players can change up how their games are settled with exciting modifiers that have been added, including Money Puck and First Goal Wins. Fans can also take it outside and play in open-air environments, and hit the ice with their favorite NHL team mascots.

Check out the launch trailer below!