Nier Reincarnation is out now on Android and iOS

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Nier Reincarnation

The long-awaited Nier Reincarnation from Square Enix is now available globally. Reincarnation, an Action Command RPG with turn-based battles, is the first mobile edition of the series.

Square Enix and Applibot announced today the launch of a new Nier saga narrative. The highly anticipated English/Korean version of Nier Reincarnation is now available for fans worldwide, telling the story of a girl who awakens in a mysterious place known as The Cage. Together with “Mama,” the girl embarks on a journey through The Cage to reclaim what she has lost and atone for her sins.

From now through September 7, players may enjoy an in-game crossover event with the smash-hit action RPG Nier Automata, which includes an exclusive original plot for this mobile game. Players participating in the event can summon some of their favorite characters as well as exclusive characters available just in Nier Reincarnation.

2P, who first appeared in Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Yorha: Dark Apocalypse crossover DLC, will be accessible only in the English/Korean version of Nier Reincarnation for a short time. During the cooperation time, players might attempt to summon her.

Crossover quests and bonuses

By completing crossover quests, players may collect Automata Medals, which they can trade for event-exclusive goodies throughout the campaign. Players may access these missions by finishing Chapter 2 of the Main Story. In addition, by logging in throughout the campaign period, players can get the unique crossover “Emil Heads” weapon.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the game’s announcement. After surpassing 700k pre-registrations, Square Enix took this into account. All players can claim enough gems to complete 15 Summons for free, as well as various valuable materials needed to enhance characters, simply by downloading the game and logging in.

In addition, from now until September 7, all players will earn a maximum of 3,000 gems by logging in a total of three days. Nier Reincarnation is a free-to-play game for iOS and Android smartphones worldwide. It features in-app purchases.

Watch the Nier Reincarnation event trailer below!