Nightmare Reaper
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Nightmare Reaper full launch set for March

Nightmare Reaper

The game leaves behind its stay in Steam Early Access.

Nightmare Reaper, a popular retro-inspired FPS with aspects of looter shooter and rogue-lite, will leave Steam Early Access in March. That’s according to Blazing Bit Games. During its time on Steam Early Access, the game acquired two chapters that added new material to the game. Chapter 3 is set to release alongside the final version of the game.

Nightmare Reaper is a dark and violent mash-up of old and contemporary action games, inspired by classic 2.5D first-person shooters from the 1990s. As you go into the terrible depths of a nightmare, you’ll discover an armory of lethal weapons and enhance your skills. The line between traditional and current gameplay is blurred in this retro-inspired FPS featuring looter shooter and rogue-lite components.

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“For what began as a solo project and is now a small team, we’re incredibly humbled by the game’s overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam and the community’s support throughout Early Access,” said Bruno Beaudoin, Blazing Bit Founder and Lead Developer.

Nightmare Reaper

“We’ve worked hard for more than five years to make the full launch something that’ll surprise even our biggest fans. We look forward to players experiencing everything Nightmare Reaper has to offer,” she added.

More weaponry, additional game types, tons of loot, and more of the nightmare scenario will be included in the complete release. While Chapter 3 is the final chapter of the game, there will be more material released in the future.

Nightmare Reaper leaves Steam Early Access on March 28. You can get your hands on the PC game through Steam and GOG.

Watch the game trailer down below!