Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors Ship for PS Vita

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Tecmo Koei America today announced that its two launch titles for the PlayStation Vita handheld system, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Dynasty Warriors Next, have started shipping to retailers nationwide. Both games have been engineered to take advantage of the Vita’s controls and graphics to provide a superior console-style gaming experience while on the go. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus reimagines the critically-acclaimed action game with new control options and gameplay modes. Dynasty Warriors Next utilizes the breakthrough hardware of the PS Vita to add new gameplay dimensions to the heralded Dynasty Warriors tactical action series.

Ryu Hayabusa, the iconic masked super ninja of the Ninja Gaiden franchise, revisits the critically acclaimed Sigma series in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Players will be able to experience the beloved story in a whole new light with an intuitive control system using the front and rear touch screens and the Six Axis controls. This further turbocharges the high speed gameplay, giving players new ninja powers unique to the PS Vita. Gamers can use a precise firing mode on the front panel to take aim and launch projectile weapons at enemies using the Six Axis. Further, players will be able to activate and perform powerful Ninpo attacks with the rear touch screen by tapping, painting, or swiping in accordance with onscreen indicators.

In Dynasty Warriors Next, players step into the shoes of the greatest generals of Ancient China for high quality tactical action gameplay on the go. Built for PS Vita, the game adds intuitive controls utilizing the system’s touch pad and sensor while allowing up to four players to connect and play together through local ad hoc play. Utilizing explosive action and strategic tactics in tandem, players can take down thousands of enemies and become the greatest hero in Chinese history. Impressive visual effects will immerse players in the Warrior’s world with lifelike battles and compelling cinematic action. Local play and Wi-Fi/3G are both supported for continuous social interaction. Players can use PlayStation Vita’s innovative Live Area, the new online Conquest Mode, and the new 4 player ad-hoc co-op multiplayer “Coalition Mode” for a rich multiplayer experience in Dynasty Warriors Next.