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Nintendo 3DS may be in its twilight, but software sales are still relatively strong

Nintendo 3DS

Ever since the launch of Nintendo Switch almost three years ago, the 3DS has been in a gradual decline. Not only is the 3DS aging – it was first released in 2011 – the Switch is now the de facto Nintendo handheld. Still, the system has clung to life.

According to Nintendo’s most recent financial statement, Nintendo 3DS sold 620,000 units worldwide for the nine months ending on December 31, 2019. That’s a year-over-year decrease of 73 percent. That’s a pretty big drop, but the system is selling well enough that Nintendo likely won’t stop production right away.

The platform’s software is actually still selling surprisingly well. Nintendo posted 4.10 million software unit sales over the same period. That, too, is a steep decline, but slightly less so than hardware sale. 3DS software is down 63 percent year-over-year.

Nintendo has already confirmed that it will continue to support 3DS into 2020. That support only appears to be in the form of manufacturing hardware as first-party software titles have dried up. Third-party publishers are continuing to publish on the platform.

“We continue to look at the 3DS family – both hardware and games – as a strong entry point for some consumers. And we’re seeing that,” Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said in November.

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  1. Seems more likely that it’s the OG 2DS that will be discontinued, leaving the New 2DS XL as the unit that continue to be manufactured going into XMas 2020. They are still selling the New 2DS XL at the introductory price, with the only value bump being the including a game loaded. They still have a price cut available for the system before it’s time to stop manufacture.

  2. OG 2DS has been discontinued since 2019! Get with it, the New 2DS XL is the only thing produced now, Nintendo’s own financial reports say so! The only ones you’re seeing in stores were ones in transit, there are no more OG 2DS systems being produced! Fanboys are so easy to spot, they have no common sense!

  3. Provide a link that shows brand new 2DS systems in retail. Or, better yet, find a non-Walmart link that shows new New 2DS XL models for sale at retail (meaning no 3rd party sellers like scalpers and Amazon private sellers, because they bought them years ago and held onto them, they didn’t get them new from Nintendo like retailers did).

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