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Nintendo could announce a new Super Mario Bros. game for Switch this year

I was so late to the Nintendo Switch that I only just now realized, it’s been a really long freaking time since there’s been a new Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey came out the first year of the console, and there’s been nothing since – not even a hint about what’s to come. Heck, we aren’t even sure if a sequel will be released on the Switch, or if it’ll be something to come later, on another console.

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With The Super Mario Bros Movie dropping in theaters this past weekend, and Nintendo’s next huge Switch release (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom) coming in mid-May, I fully expect Nintendo to announce the follow-up to Odyssey in the summer. If they don’t say anything this summer, they’ll start giving hints in the fall or winter, at the latest.

Like Breath of the Wild did with the Wii U, I could see the next Mario game being one of the Switch’s last big releases alongside a simultaneous launch on the next Nintendo console. I could also see the next Super Mario game trying (and accomplishing) to do a complete “one-up” over Sonic Frontiers, pun fully intended. Sorry, Sonic.

Hypothetically, if it’s just “Odyssey 2,” Nintendo could just find a way to contain the next title inside of one gigantic, Mario-themed world. There could be uniquely-designed areas spread all over the place, with hidden collectibles to grab under every stone and goodies around each and every corner. At such a late stage in the lifespan of the Switch hardware, maybe Nintendo could figure out how to make it all one big seamless experience – without the need for loading times or anything to take you out of the action.

Whatever happens, I really hope we see another Super Mario game released within the lifespan of the Nintendo Switch. I think this console played its best hand early with Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. If Nintendo can deliver one last one-two punch with its two biggest IPs, I think it will walk away from the Switch with a flourish.