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Nintendo DS has a Digital Nanny

Astaro Corporation, a leader in providing unified threat management security solutions, has today announced that it will be teaming up with Nintendo to equip the DS Browser for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite with effective filter technology against inappropriate web content. The Nintendo DS Browser, a convenient web browser, launches across Europe on October 6, 2006 and enables Nintendo DS users to surf the web. Astaro Parental Control, a filter technology against illicit web content, serves as a “digital nanny” for the popular hand-held games console and provides a family-safe environment for children that access the internet.

Nintendo partners with Astaro to integrate its unique filter technology at no additional costs giving parents full control to block pornographic and other inappropriate material on the internet. Nintendo users enjoy simple, safe and free internet access via their Nintendo DS thanks to the “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service” which to date already has approximately 1.7 million unique users. Nintendo recently announced plans to expand its service by including an internet browser, optimized to run on the Nintendo DS. Parents who wish to have more control over the internet sites their children access can set passwords required to activate the browser. Acting as a proxy filter, Astaro Parental Control additionally provides the option of blocking inappropriate content.

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