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Nintendo Indie World Showcase scheduled for tomorrow

Nintendo Indie World Showcase

There’s a new Nintendo Indie World Showcase scheduled for Wednesday, April 14. Check out the times for your region below!

This latest Indie World Showcase is expected to run roughly 20 minutes. So it’s not a terribly long presentation. And as with all of these events, the focus is on new indie games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch in the months (and possibly years) ahead.

When to watch

The presentation goes live at the following times around the world:

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  • 9 AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles)
  • 11 AM Central Time (Chicago)
  • 12 PM Eastern Time (New York)
  • 5 PM (UK)
  • 1 AM (Japan)

How to watch

You can either watch the presentation directly on YouTube or the embedded video below that we’ve included for your convenience! Just bookmark this page and come back on Wednesday at the time listed above.

What indie games would you like to see come to Switch? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!