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Indie World Showcase May 2022

Today’s Indie World Showcase featured a wide variety of genres. Here are our top three games from the showcase.

As usual, Nintendo once again opens a space for all indie game developers: the Indie World Showcase. This is an event where in the recent past they have mentioned great indie games like Chicory: A Colorful Tale and more. Today they have shared great titles; these three stand out the most for us.

All the games shown in this Indie World Showcase in May 2022, as expected, are getting released on the Nintendo Switch. From games with low poly graphics to pixel-art games, Nintendo has shared a little bit of everything in this new edition of the event.

And let’s not fool ourselves, as everything in this life there are things that stand out much more than others. The same has happened with the event where three games have stood out either from the graphical excellence or gameplay. These elements mentioned are usually some of many that are expected in indie games.

So without further ado, here are our top three games from today’s Indie World Showcase!


Devolver Digital never ceases to surprise us. They continue to do so with their new title Gunbrella. Put yourself in situation, you are a gruff woodsman and you arrive to a noir-punk city. As it could not be otherwise, you are in a quest for revenge and everywhere you go, enemies will be waiting for you to end your life. In Gunbrella you must destroy them all in a side-scroller platformer full of guns.


Usually, for many players, card games can be very boring, but Chucklefish’s new game feels different (in a positive way). It’s a very striking mix between a deckbuilding game and an adventure game. Wildfrost proposes a very attractive gameplay with neat graphics that will captivate players. It looks like the perfect indie game to have on your Nintendo Switch.


If you are a fan of 2D platform games, ElecHead is the one you should choose. This game that was previously released on PC, will now come to the Switch. What can I say about ElecHead? It’s a game with solid mechanics, simple but striking graphics, and interesting gameplay. Without a doubt, it is a platformer that I would recommend with my eyes closed.

Bonus game: Another Crab’s Treasure

We could not mention the previous 3 titles, and leave out the new title presented by Aggro Crab: Another Crab’s Treasure. This marine Soulslike, which has nothing of the aesthetics of the classic Dark Souls, presents us with a very striking title where we will have a great adventure in the deep sea.  A game that, in 2023, will surely give us something to talk about.

You can find all of these games and much more from today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase. We can expect another presentation in July. So stay tuned for more Nindies!

Did you watch today’s show? What did you think the best games were? Let us know on the forums!