Nintendo Launches Global Pokemon Trading Station

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Over 10 million people globally are enjoying the phenomenon that is Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl and in Europe, 1.6 million copies have been sold in just 7 weeks since launch. For the first time in the Pokemon series, these games have allowed fans to trade Pokemon with anyone in the world via the Global Trading Station, using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. Now an all-new and exciting Pokemon service is being made available, as fans are invited to visit the Pokemon GTS website – – where they can keep up-to-date on the global Pokemon trade.

Starting Friday 14th September, the Pokemon GTS website will be the place to go for fans across the globe, giving them access to top trading information such as the most traded Pokemon, most deposited and wanted Pokemon at the Global Trading Station, as well as discovering which Pokemon are being traded most in each country. The top 50 most traded Pokemon, as well the top 50 most wanted and most deposited Pokemon in the world.

Trying to work out which Pokemon are the best to collect? Using the GTS site, you can simply click on the image of the Pokemon being traded to gain all the information you could ever need, including Pokemon name, type, and the time, date and country it was deposited in. What’s more, users have the opportunity to bookmark any Pokemon discovered, adding them to a favorites folder to look out for next time they visit the GTS in Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.

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