Nintendo Offers Free Wii Remote Jackets

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Today Nintendo announced that the Wii Remote will be protected by a jacket accesory. The Wii Remote Jacket is a durable, silicone cover for the Wii Remote that provides a variety of benefits for the player. Nintendo will include the Wii Remote Jacket with all Wii hardware systems and with all Wii Remotes sold separately or packaged with Wii Play. Hardware featuring the Wii Remote Jacket will begin shipping to retailers on October 2 and is expected to be on retail shelves the week of October 15. If you previously purchased a Wii console or individual controllers, you can order up to four free of charge.

The Wii Remote Jacket provides cushioning for the Wii Remote for people who might accidentally throw or drop their Wii Remotes while playing games. Use of the Wii Remote Jacket is meant to supplement, not replace, the basic game-play instructions: keep a firm grip, don’t let go of the controller, use the wrist strap and make sure your play area is free of people or objects. The Wii Remote Jacket also serves as a cover for the Wii Remote. Nintendo recommends players use the new Wii Remote Jacket as a cushiony shield, though the current Wii Remote is a safe product when used properly.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “Many electronics manufacturers provide similar protective covers for products like cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players.” IGN is reporting that the effort to please customers is costing Nintendo nearly $20 million, although due to skyrocketing sales, it is not expected to change financial results.