Nintendo Redesigns Nintendo DS

It has been rumored for several weeks now: a Nintendo DS redesign was in the works and the shortages in Japan had something to do with it. The press was right with their speculation for once as Nintendo announced today a March 2, 2006 launch for the Nintendo DS Lite, a redesign of the best-selling current generation handheld. The Nintendo DS has managed sales of 14.4 million worldwide in a little over a year, with over 5 million in Japan alone.

What’s different with the new model? For one it is now iPod white, 20% lighter and a third smaller. The screen size has not changed on the system, but users will now be able to adjust the level of brightness with four possible options, sort of like Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Perhaps it is just a case of having to see it to believe it, but the Lite seems light on both new features and looks. The new system will retail for $145. No details were given on an American or European price or release.

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