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Nintendo Sends Out Safety Information for Wii

Nintendo’s innovative Wii Remote has caused quite a motion in the gaming and non-gaming world since the November 19th American launch, but not all of this publicity has been positive. Most likely due to the increasing public awareness of faulty Wii Remote wrist straps, Nintendo sent out an email regarding safety information to any Wii owners signed up and registered on their official website, Nintendo.com.

Bolded in the email are three important messages; “Wear the wrist strap when using the Wii Remote,” “Do not let go of the remote during play,” and “Allow adequate room around you during game play.” In detail, the email includes messages like, “Wearing the wrist strap will prevent you from accidentally dropping or throwing the remote during game play which could damage the remote or surrounding objects, or cause injury to other people,” “Hold the remote securely to avoid excessive motion during game play,” and finally, “Stay at least three (3) feet away from the television.”

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The website WiiHaveAProblem.com as well as CNN and other news outlets have spread the word of Wii Remotes and the unfortunate damage they’ve caused, including broken televisions, shattered windows, and even harmed onlookers. It is questionable how much caution and care some Wii players have taken while playing Wii, but it isn’t questionable that there have been damages caused by the product and Nintendo has finally reacted to the problem to warn their consumers.