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Nintendo Site Reveals Metallic Mario Amiibo Figures

Nintendo’s future strategy for its “Amiibo” product line seems to be getting clearer by the day: the interactive and highly-collectible figurines are here to stay, and more Amiibos are on the way in 2015.

Amiibo - Gold and Silver Mario

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After enjoying the astounding success of the first waves of Amiibo figures in late 2014, Nintendo seems quite dedicated to the idea, and with good reason: the $12 “toys” were selling at a 1:1 pace with Super Smash Bros. shortly after launch day. The company recently revealed another new line of Amiibos based on the Super Mario franchise; it also confirmed more Amiibos based on the cast from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U

All of this is nothing new; on the other hand, we do know that two additional Amiibo figures have been spotted in a pair of product safety certificates (CPSIA) that were published on Nintendo’s official website. The company has not made an official announcement, but those Amiibos are metallic versions of Mario – Gold and Silver, seen in the image above.

Amiibo - Walmart Exclusive Gold Mario

Apparently, both Metallic Mario Amiibos are set to be specially released along with Mario Party 10 for the Wii U. Even further, the Gold Mario Amiibo appears to be exclusive to Walmart shoppers.

What do you think about the Amiibo figures, specifically the pair of metallic Mario statues? If you plan to own one, you should probably act as soon as possible – most Amiibos quickly sell out in almost every major store, so pre-ordering one might be absolutely necessary.