Nintendo Switch hit Glyph lands on PC next week

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Glyph has twice won Game of the Day on the Switch’s Nintendo eShop. Now it set to arrive on PC via Steam.

Glyph, a colorful marble game/ball roller, will make the switch from Nintendo Switch to Steam on Monday, according to the developer. A mechanical scarab fights to rebuild an old civilization overtaken by machines gone mad in the latest game from Bolverk Games, which platform game aficionados hail as an innovative twist on the genre.

What makes Glyph unique is its combination of stunning aerial maneuvering, peaceful exploration, and a ton of treasures. As the game’s non-linear center environment, the aim is to reconstruct the ancient Temple City that was destroyed by the desert.

Exploration mode features more than eighty levels, while the Time Trial mode has thirty scorching hot levels that will put your abilities to the test. More than 100 secrets and upgrades are also included in the game right from the start.

Glyph is for chill players and speedrunners

Glyph is a contemporary take on a ball-rolling platformer. The Glyph, the primary character, is a rolling sphere with various other capabilities acquired in the tutorial.

Momentum is a powerful factor in Glyph, much as it was in the original marble game, the famous Atari/Midway hit Marble Madness from 1984. It allows you to fly higher and further than most other platformers, making it perfect for speedrunners.

This puts the player under considerable pressure to master all the movement options available in Glyph. Even if you’re not a speed demon, it opens up the huge levels to additional exploration and gathering.

Steam release

“It is great to be rolling out on Steam with confidence after having been so well received on Nintendo Switch,” said Bo Bennekov, CEO of Bolverk Games. “Our 3d platformer is now more bouncy than ever, and we’re excited to share Glyph with a wider audience on PC.”

Glyph appeals to both chill gamers and speedrunners since the open world allows for inventive methods to navigate the numerous levels included with the release.

Glyph will be available on Steam on Monday, August 16. It is already available on Nintendo Switch.

Watch the Glyph trailer below!